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Windows – Linux – Mac OS

You see,

  • Windows is like the US. The dollar spends anywhere, no matter what state your in.
  • Linux is like Iraq. It’s under attack from the US and the only thing that unites the tribes is a hatred for the other tribes and the US.
  • OSX is like a western European country. It’s expensive to live there and they think they are better than the US.

Quelle: Kommentar auf Why Linux May Never Be a True Desktop OS

Nun, lieber montgomery, wir sind tatsächlich besser als die Vereinigten Staaten. Was auch immer er genau mit „besser“ meint … Blöder Vergleich, schon nur weil Linux == Iraq.


In den Kommentaren findet sich noch ein Link auf ein lesenswertes – wenn auch schrecklich formatiertes – Elaborat eines Linux-Freundes. Die wichtigsten Statements (wieder etwas gelernt!):

The Linux community is not trying to provide the average Windows user with a replacement OS. The goal of Linux is not „Linux on every desktop“.

Because vi was designed for functionality, while Microsoft [Notepad|Wordpad|Office] design to be „user-friendly“. Microsoft break everything down into easy steps, and so it takes far more steps to accomplish the same task.

But the real problem is „I don’t know how to use vi and can’t be bothered to learn.“ But that would mean the problem was with him, so he blames his problems on the software instead.

Quelle: Linux is Not Windows

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