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Installing snmpd on IPCop router for MRTG monitoring

Ein englischer Artikel, der bisher von meinem lokalen Server in die weite Welt „gebroadcastet“ wurde. Die deutschen (und des Englischen nicht mächtigen) Leser mögen mir verzeihen.

This article first was published several years ago when I switched from fli4l to IPCop (open source router software based on GNU/Linux).

The Task

After some days of testing I finally found out a relative simple solution to run a SNMP-Daemon on my IPCop-Router. You will like this added value when graphing traffic stats on a second server running MRTG or RRD or cacti.

Package management under Mac OS X

First of all, I had to deal with Debian-packages. This posed some problems to me, because I don’t have any linux box here except the one running IPCop, which hasn’t package-managers installed [addendum: In the meantime, I switched from Windows to Debian Linux – a reasonable choice. Bye bye Microsoft!]. After I dived into manuals for dpkg i was able to extract the files on my PowerMac running Mac OS X. Before you can execute the shell command below, you need to download and install Fink. After that, continue:

dpkg-deb -x <package>.deb <destination-dir>


You now do have the required files on your workstation, but yet they need to be put on the IPCop-box. Make use of an SFTP-Client, which requires the SSH-Service enabled on the router. With a SSH-connection to the box, I checked the error messages which occured upon start of the snmpd and then went out to look for the additional files required. The ’search file within packages‘-Function of some package-sites helped me a lot!

Packages needed

These 3 Debian-Packages are essential for your success. Download the .debs and extract them to a single folder with the command mentioned above:

  • snmpd (4.2.3-2)
  • libsnmp4.2 (= 4.2.3-2)
  • libwrap0

File locations

I had to copy all files over to IPCop manually, therefore I made this list to monitor all the files necessary.



You can download the files (confirmed working with IPCop 1.4.0b6) from my local server.


Don’t try to copy snmpd.conf over to the box. In my case, it prevented snmpd to act the way it should. I have no idea where the problem lied, but after deleting snmpd.conf, everything worked fine. I hope this saves you a lot of headaches.

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