Freitag, 5. Januar 2007, 14:03 Uhr

Klimaerwärmung: Das Wettbüro hat geöffnet!

Urs Paul Engeler und seine Vasallen können ihre Skepsis nun auch in finanziellen Erfolg umwandeln – das Wettbüro ist offen:

[…] There are many reasons why I believe a climate futures market could be useful. Firstly, it would enable us to find the real consensus view. Commentators who act in bad faith (either through exaggerating the chances of climate change, or understating it) might find the likelihood of financial loss would motivate more honesty. Interestingly, Julian Simon thought that such a market „would thus no doubt often serve as a corrective to alarmist stories about impending doom“ but I have also found that climate change sceptics are remarkably reluctant to back their proclaimed beliefs by betting against significant climate change. […]

Quelle: Betting on Climate Change

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