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Apple- vs. Windows-Welt

Ultimately, the iPhone is stark proof of the fundamental difference between the Mac and Windows worlds. In the Mac world, you get one man’s vision, beautifully designed, expensive, and maybe, just maybe in sync with your needs. In the Windows world, you get an enormous ecosystem where you can choose from dozens of different devices using the form factors and feature sets you prefer, at a variety of price points.

Quelle: What’s so smart about the iPhone?

Wer noch nicht genug hat, lese sich zusätzlich durch die Diskussion auf I Started Something:

… and it [iPhone] will still outsell the blackberry, blackjack and treo combined. what none of you nerds understand (and i say that with respect and admiration, because i too am a nerd) is that 95% of people don’t know, need or care about push imap or 80% of the other features of smart phones — i want push imap so i’m installing it on my mail server — the average person couldn’t care less. and it’s not because these people are “brain dead, morons who buy in to flashy advertising” — the simple fact is, consumer electronics are way too confusing for the average person.

apple understands this and adheres to one of 80/20 rule with almost ruthless efficiency. they recognize that 80 percent of the population uses about 20% of the features hence the relatively feature lacking ipod has a 90 million user installed base while the feature laden creative zen has an installed base of considerably less. […]

Quelle: Hi I’m an iPhone. And I’m a Smartphone.

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