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[…] They have displaced Swiss labor in the textile mills and have furnished the labor supply for the large number of hotels as well as for the roads that have been built in Switzerland in the last fifty years in connection with the development of scenic features and tourist travel. They publish newspapers and periodicals in large numbers in their own language. They have their own churches and live in separate colonies. They do not willingly obey the health regulations, reluctantly send their children to school, furnish a greater number of criminals than any other element of the population, contribute toward social unrest of almost every kind, and do not tend to mix with the German and French elements of Switzerland. In addition, they retain an attachment for the home country that is far greater than in the case
of […] America.

[…] The author fears serious political consequences and compares the situation with that in South Africa where the English stream of colonization led through complex stages to the Boer War and English domination.

Quizfrage: Um welche ausländische Bevölkerungsgruppe in der Schweiz geht es? — Richtig, Italiener! Wer wäre da nicht drauf gekommen?

Quelle: Geographical Review, Vol. 10, No. 5. (Nov., 1920), pp. 351-352.
Besprochenes Buch: Ammann, Hektor: „Die Italiener in der Schweiz: Ein Beitrag zur Fremdenfrage“, Basel 1917.

Gewisse Dinge ändern sich nie …

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