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Appeasement-Politik gegenüber Teheran am Ende

Wenn es nach den Vordenker der Yankees geht (ich befürchte, dass ausser diesen Leuten drüben gar niemand mehr denkt), geht morgen bereits die Party im Iran los:

Bolton once again dredged up the old Iraq war-drum tactic of belittling anyone less bellicose. “I regret to say that to date the Europeans simply do not see the Iranian threat the way we do… At some point, somebody in Europe has to say, you know, we’ve been trying this for four years, we’ve tried this behavioral approach… and Iran’s behavior isn’t changed. After four years of failure, I think it’s time to call it quits.”

Quelle: Bolton and Hannity: Let’s Get This War Party Started!

Nimmt endlich mal jemand diesen amoklaufenden Irren in Übersee die Waffen weg?!

Andere Aussagen im Video

  • Bolton spricht von einem „grand plan“ der Iraner – welch eine Ironie …
  • Herr Bolton glaubt anscheinend ernsthaft, dass Herr Sarkozy den USA bei einem Angriff auf den Iran zu Hilfe eilen werde …
  • „Condy Rice calls them the ‚world central bank of terrorism'“ – was ist mit Saudi-Arabien? Die Amis überweisen doch denen monatlich Millionen US-Dollars, um den American Way of Life weiterleben zu können …

Da braut sich was zusammen

We must attack Iran with everything we have. It should not be a limited attack on the nuclear installations alone, but an all out attack to destroy not only those installations but the Iranian military, theocracy and entire government of Iran.

[…] Yes, there will be collateral damage and civilian casualties, but that is exactly what we face here in our country if we fail to act. Better them than us. We have to stop worrying so much about civilian casualties and focus instead on the objective as the top priority.

We have tried to make war too clean by politically correct decisions on warfare.

The only thing Islam respects is brutality and overwhelming force. It’s how they’ve lived for over a thousand years.

Quelle: Iran Wants War. They will have it whether we want it or not

Das hatten wir doch alles schon einmal … Die Jungs sind einfach irr.

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