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Gesundes Misstrauen medizinischen Studien gegenüber

Thus, everyone who is diagnosed early automatically survives longer, independent of any other variable. Conversely, if you are diagnosed late, you are not going to „survive“ for long, although you might already have lived for quite a long time with your cancer.

Quelle: Winning the (propaganda) war on cancer

Ein erhellender Artikel über die Krebs-Industrie und die Aussagekraft medizinischer Studien …

The cancer treatment industry desperately wants us to think it’s beyond fabulous: cancer drugs, and related diagnostic and treatment devices, are among the most expensive, and most profitable, known to medicine. There are those who profit from our assumption that early diagnosis and treatment extend patients‘ lives. And profit they do: think of the hospitals, drug makers, device makers, diagnostic technicians, radiotherapists, surgeons, and oncologists. Cancer treatment is a vast, complex industry, and like any industry it flourishes best in a field of semi-educated consumers.

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