Dienstag, 10. Juli 2007, 23:01 Uhr

Kaum jemand beachtet Norwegen

The fate of virtually every economy on the planet is now beginning to revolve around a single question:Is it mostly a resource consumer? Or is it mostly a resource provider ? If it’s the former, it may have some serious hurdles to overcome. If it’s the latter, it’s likely to be flying high.

[…] today, let’s look at a country virtually no one is covering … NORWAY: Leading the Entire World in Key Metrics of Growth and Prosperity! Norway’s reaping huge benefits from the oil boom. But it’s success is not just about oil:

  • Among major industrial nations, Norway’s income per capita — $72,306 per year — is the highest in the world, far ahead of the United States, with just $44,190.
  • Among all nations surveyed by The Economist , Norway ranks #1 on the Global Peace Index — the least crime and the most security.
  • And among all nations of the world, large or small, Norway also ranks #1 on the Human Development Index (HDI), a standard used by the United Nations to evaluate life expectancy, literacy, education, economic development, and the overall quality of life.

Quelle: Crude Oil surging! Resource countries flying!

Hmmm, interessant. Norwegen ist soeben zu einem Auswanderungskandidaten für mich geworden *smile*

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