Dienstag, 14. August 2007, 12:13 Uhr

Alles wird gut

Oder doch etwa nicht? In einem Artikel über das us-amerikanische Spekulations-Kartenhaus lese ich einen köstlichen Vergleich:

Still, even though the subprime contagion has spread to all loan categories, the glut of homes continues to increase, and the mortgage industry is flatlining on the emergency room floor; there is room for optimism. Consider the comforting comments of Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson: „I don’t think it [the subprime mess] poses any threat to the overall economy. . . . .In an economy as diverse and healthy as this, losses may occur in a number of institutions, but that overall this is contained and we have a healthy economy.“

“Contained?” This is “contained?”

Newsweek’s Daniel Gross had this reaction to Paulson’s remarks: “If the containment policy of the Cold War worked as well as this subprime-mess containment policy, we’d all be speaking Russian and living on collective farms.”

Quelle: The Grim Reaper pays a visit to Wall Street

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