Montag, 3. September 2007, 21:55 Uhr

Simbabwe: Peak Oil? Gar kein Oil!

Die Auswirkungen von Peak Oil sind für uns reiche Westler noch in weiter Ferne – arme Dritt-Welt-Staaten wie Simbabwe geben einen ersten Eindruck, was wir dereinst zu erwarten haben:

[…] While CEOs get that rare opportunity to learn how one can siphon a fuel tank in ten seconds flat, the commuter drivers find out that in this country, having lots of money doesn’t matter anymore. There is hardly anything to buy anyway.

[…] Then there is the major challenge of dealing with the egos of those who are forced to ditch that conspicuous symbol of status, the posh car. Some would rather push the car to work if only for the rest of us to see that they belong to the WaBenzi tribe.

Quelle: Funny thing happened at fuel queue the other day

Symptom: Hyperinflation

This business of the Fed simply printing up cash to buy the stock market is nuts. We are going the way of Zimbabwe. And nobody seems to notice, or care. As long as the stock market goes up, everything else can go to hell.


Monokausal? Nicht ganz …

In the case of Zimbabwe, all this human misery is not completely attributable to peak oil and unaffordable gasoline; an abysmally incompetent government is playing a major part in the country’s economic demise well in advance of better governed nations. It is, however, representative of what we will see again and again as oil depletion sets in.

Quelle: Zimbabwe – Peak Oil’s First Casualty?

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