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Gedruckte OOXML-Spezifikation

BTW – with the help of Dan, Jirka and Filip, we were able to „print“ the complete OOXML specification, bind it in six volumes (1000 sheets per volume) and we brought it with us to the workshop. It was a bit heavy, but I was lucky enough to find parking place in very short distance to ČNI offices (without the knowledge of where the offices exactly are, in the centre of Prague, I still can’t believe it ;-) – have you ever seen 75 cm tall „tower“ from paper? […]

Quelle: OOXML workshop with Microsoft and Czech standardisation institute

80% dieses Stapels sind Spezifikationen, die die Rückwärtskompatiblität mit älteren Office-Versionen gewährleisten. Wie z.B. das Attribut formatlikeword95. Einfach Bloatware.

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Okay, I’m no hippie, but that killed a whole fucking tree… and I feel terrible for it.

Quelle: OOXML: nice little standard? [PIC]

Wie einem bei der Lektüre des Epos geschieht:

I have read approx. 200 pages of the specification and I decided to stop, because it is dangerous. The ideas presented in various parts of the specification (like two ways to represent the date – one of them representing dates between 1900 and 20000 and another one to represent dates between 1904 and 20000 where the second one is a complete subset of the first one!) are dangerous to the mental health of the reader. The innovative method of storing the language code (e.g. the decimal integer 58380 into two digit hexadecimal number) is also worth a world-wide patent…



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