Mittwoch, 19. September 2007


„Gestern“ in den Medien:

December 28, 2000

Today, President Clinton will announce that The United States is on course to eliminate its public debt within the next decade. The Administration also announced that we are projected to pay down $237 billion in debt in 2001. Due in part to a strong economy and the President’s commitment to fiscal discipline, the federal fiscal condition has improved for an unprecedented nine consecutive years. […]

Quelle: President Clinton: The United States on Track to Pay Off the Debt by End of the Decade

Heute in den Medien:

September 19, 2007

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson told Congress on Wednesday the government will hit the current debt ceiling on Oct. 1. […] The limit is $8.965 trillion. Unless Congress votes to raise it, the country would be unable to borrow more money to keep the government operating and to pay debt obligations coming due.

Quelle: Treasury: U.S. To Hit Debt Limit By Oct. 1

Zum Glück befinden sich nur noch gerade 2.34 US-Dollar (2.77 CHF) von meinem Kalifornien-Trip in meinem Besitz.

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