Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2007, 22:27 Uhr

Unsere Nahrung ist Erdöl

One can’t easily correlate yield (bu/ac) with oil price. Nor can one see a correlation between farm profits and oil price. The best reason for this that I can think of is that both yield and profits are subject to so many other variables than oil price. Rainfall (and when it occurs), temperature, crop disease, all play a role in both yield and profitability.

With corn, one of the interesting realizations is that a 19th century farm grew about 30 bushels per acre, while today, with our machinery we can grow up to 160 bushels per acre. […] So, having shown the problem of planting without machinery, we can see that any reduction of oil is likely to cause a serious drop in crop yield, leading to famine.

Quelle: The Connection Between Food Supply and Energy: What Is the Role of Oil Price?

Das wird der Zeitpunkt sein, an dem Leute merken, dass man weder Banknoten, noch Gold, noch Aktien essen kann. Wer der Meinung ist, dass man Bauern nicht benötige, weil die Milch ja in der MIGROS zu kaufen ist, sollte diesen Artikel unbedingt lesen. Erkenntnis: In jedem Arbeitsschritt der industriellen Landwirtschaft stecken erschreckende Mengen Erdöl. Kein Erdöl – kein Futter.

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