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Herr, gib uns unser täglich Erdöl

On properly managed grazing land–including pasture-land and hayland–only 1 calorie of fossil-fuel energy is needed to produce up to 2 calories of food and fiber energy. Many crops require from 5 to 10 calories of fossil-fuel energy for every calorie of food or fiber produced.

Quelle: Grazing Lands

Normalerweise sollte es in unserem Wirtschaftssystem doch anders rum funktionieren: Aus wenig Geld viel Geld machen …

Definiere moderne Landwirtschaft

Our agriculture really hasn’t changed that fundamentally in the last 7,000 years or so – we’ve just thrown increasing amounts of energy and mechanisation at the problem, because that’s what we had going spare.

Quelle: Kommentar zu The World’s Expected Carrying Capacity in a Post Industrial Agrarian Society

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