Montag, 14. April 2008, 0:17 Uhr

Auch Männer haben manchmal "Kopfschmerzen"

Das maskuline Imperium schlägt zurück?

Men are expected to want sex from puberty to death but, in reality, a man’s sex drive can fluctuate for all the reasons a woman’s can. It could be that he’s stressed, unhappy, tired or under pressure at work.

[…] One desperate entry reads, ‚I asked him if he wanted to fix the problem but he said he wasn’t bothered, and that at 43 he has had more than his „share“ of sex. This absolutely crucified me, especially as I’m not yet 30…‘

Quelle: Men’s sex-drive: where has it gone?

Und dann der übliche Ratschlag – nicht handeln, sondern reden (anscheinend sind auch Männer für diese Kommunikationsart empfänglich):

‚Don’t buy naughty knickers and sex toys,‘ she says. ‚Women often try to fix the bedroom first, when that’s rarely the cause. Whether it’s been two weeks, two months or two years since you last did it, if it bothers you, the best start is to tell him,‘ she says. ‚Ask if there’s anything he wants to talk about and tell him you miss it – tell him that you’re frightened.‘

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