Freitag, 23. Mai 2008

Das Leben wird teurer

a 4-pint bottle of milk has gone up 16.5% in the United Kingdom. The price of milk from the farm has soared nearly three times as much – 45.8%. Or take bread. Wheat is up 56.9% over the last year. But a loaf of bread has only gone up only 8.5%. Crude oil is 62% more expensive today than it was a year ago. But a can of oil…or petroleum products generally, at the retail level…are up only 25.4%.

Quelle: Consumer Prices for the Essentials are Skyrocketing

Haben die Detaillisten die Preise nur deshalb nicht der tatsächlichen Preisentwicklung angepasst, weil sie bereits ein Ende der Verteuerung der Rohstoffe sehen?

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