Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008, 21:53 Uhr

Die wirkliche Innovationskraft ist uns abhanden gekommen

Significantly, the demise of the investment banks and the demise of the automobile industry both come about due to the same factor – rather than concentrating on their core business (the safekeeping of money and the production of competitive vehicles respectively) these two industries had (like the insurance and real-estate industries) become far more focused on making money by moving money around.

It is easy (and definitely appropriate) to point at many CEOs with their outsized incomes that were paid far in excess to their actual contribution, but its worth understanding that this had become so attractive because innovation … actual invention … is hard. It’s difficult and risky and usually costly, it requires the type of mindset that has become increasingly rare not just in the US but globally. It’s usually safer just to take your paycheck and pocket the stock options, because you’re sending your kids to college and you need to save for your retirement because that’s the way that things are done.

Quelle: Bailouts, Burnouts and Non-Linear Innovation – O’Reilly Broadcast

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