Freitag, 26. Juni 2009, 12:40 Uhr

Zurück zu den Aktien?

Als nachdenklicher Hinweis an gewisse, äusserst professionell beratene Investment-Clubs (treffender: Schenkkreise?) da draussen:

So stock market investors know there is some risk. But they still believe that you can make money by buying the dips…even the big dips. This strategy works in a bull market. It is murder in a bear market. In a major bear market, the investor comes back into the market after a dip…only to find himself in a bigger dip later on. He does this a few times and finally realizes that he is the biggest dip of all. Then, when stocks have gotten down to their major lows – at price to earnings ratios of about 5 or 8 – he is fed up. His illusions have all died in the bear traps. He’s ready to give up on stocks altogether. […]

At a real bottom, people have given up thinking about stocks. The illusion that stocks always go up over the long term is replaced by a new illusion – that they never go up at all!

Quelle: The Public Still Has Faith in Economists – But Why?

Ich habe das Gefühl, dass wir noch lange nicht dort angekommen sind, wo wir eigentlich hin sollten.

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