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Coca Cola und das vorbildliche Rebranding

But for anyone who has had to deal with a large organisation and all the political machinations that entails, Turner Duckworth’s Coke project is exemplary: it’s an all-too-rare instance of a big player doing the right thing, junking all the gratuitous visual nonsense that clutters so much FMCG packaging in favour of purity and simplicity.

[…] Schunker says that he deliberately targeted independents to work with. The big networks, he says, were just giving Coke what they thought it wanted, not what they them selves believed in.

[…] „You want an agency to act as your conscience,“ he says, „to say „that’s crap, you shouldn’t do that, we’re not doing it“.

Quelle: The Client at Coke – BusinessWeek

Und selbstverständlich finden wir sie auch hier wieder, die von mir so heissgeliebten Marketing-Idioten:

[…] their biggest battle, convincing Coke marketers that, no, it wasn’t necessary to have a picture of some bubbles on the side of the can. People know Coke is a fizzy drink.

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