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Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Bauernopfer Kerviel

Kerviel drew a five-year sentence (two years suspended.) Plus, he’s supposed to repay 4.9 billion euros…

„By his deliberate actions, he put in peril the existence of the bank that employed 140,000 people, of which he was a part and whose future was threatened,“ said the judge.

Well, we’re sure he didn’t do it intentionally. We mean, he didn’t intend to bring down the bank.

Besides, a lot of other people made authorized trades that were much bigger…which also put their banks in jeopardy. In fact, some of the CEOs of the world’s largest banks also put their institutions in harm’s way. And then, when the banks ran into the ditch, these guys didn’t get five years and a $7 billion fine. Instead, they got a $50 million bonus!

Quelle: Central Bankers: The REAL Rogue Traders

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Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Adobe und Microsoft, zwei untergehende Giganten

Adobe’s cash cow products are not going anywhere without a deep reset. Same is true for Microsoft. They will both face these challenges whether standing alone or together.

Quelle: asymco | Adobe and Microsoft sitting in a tree

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