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Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Dell sieht nur noch Apples Rücklichter

As one example of its success, Apple turned its tablet into a $6 billion business in the quarter. That is twice as big as Dell’s entire consumer PC business.

Quelle: Apple Reports Strong Results, Topping Expectations –

Und das mit einem Produkt, das es erst seit 1.5 Jahren gibt. Wahnsinn. Ich bin Zeuge einer (weiteren) Computerrevolution.

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Freitag, 4. April 2008

Drei Generationen eines Produkts

[…] Popular consumer products, he understood, tend to evolve through three phases. They start out as luxury goods, expensive to produce and pitched to a small, elite market. Then, as maturing technologies and economies of scale drive down manufacturing costs, they become mass-market commodities.

Finally, once they’re established as affordable necessities, consumers start looking beyond the price tag for distinctive designs and features. Form begins to trump function.

Quelle: Dell: Beware the Beige-Box Blahs

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