Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2008

Brasiliens Erdölfunde weiter relativiert

Ich habe ja bereits vor einigen Tagen erläutert, dass die vor Brasiliens Küste gefundene Erdölvorkommen gerade mal ausreichen, um den heutigen Erdöl-Bedarf der Welt um ein einziges zusätzliches Jährchen zu decken.

Daneben wies ich weiter darauf hin, dass es schwierig werden würde, an das Erdöllager vorzustossen. Denn dieses befindet sich mehrere tausend Meter unter Meer und dem Meeresboden.

Die Problematik wurde nun von Dr. Joanne Nova via The Daily Reckoning erläutert:

„Here’s another perspective on the difficulty of drilling Brazil’s new oil field a full 10km below the surface,“ Joanne writes. „Did you know the deepest hole ever dug reached down to 12km, but it took 19 years to get there? The Soviets started planning the Kola Superdeep Borehole in 1962 and began drilling in 1970 reaching the record depth in 1989.

„They initially aimed to reach 15km, but were forced to give up a few years after they set the record. Things were too hot, too strange, and too expensive. And this was not a hole designed to produce anything except interesting scientific papers. Twelve kilometers down, the rocks were under so much heat and pressure they behaved more like plastic than rock. The hole apparently kept flowing closed whenever they had to replace a drill bit. Makes production hard if the hole keeps disappearing.“

Quelle: Riding the Bear & Deep Drilling in Australia

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