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Eierlegende Wollmilchsau

Jeden Monat erscheint mindestens ein Artikel, der den baldigen Tod des iPods voraussagt. Auch heute tauchte wieder eine solche Meldung auf und wurde auf Slashdot der hungrigen Meute vorgeworfen.

Folgenden Kommentar unterschreibe ich sofort:

iPods are winning the war right now because they’re a neat fad item with a decent interface and they hold a ton more data than most cell phones. But what happens when affordable flash media starts holding 10-20 gigs?

When your phone can hold 10-20 gigs your ipod can hold a terrabyte.

Who needs that much space. Yeah right. I have heard that one ever since I bought a HD floppy.

There have always been devices that do it all and there have always been devices that do one thing only.

There are washing machines that can also function as a dryer. Funny thing, do you know you can still buy JUST washing machines + a seperate spin dryer + a seperate warm air dryer?

Yes thats right, spin dryers still exist despite the fact that nearly every washing machine can do it that function nowadays. Just not as well as a true purpose spin dryer.

Oh and the whole camera phone argument is faulty. NOBODY uses a camera phone as a replacement for a regular phone. The camera phone is the replacement of the throwaway/rented camera. Its function is to be always with you for those moments when you do not have a regular camera with you.

In fact that is the function of all the extra’s on the mobile phone. Games? Fun for when you got your phone but not a real game system. Calendar? Usefull for when you do not got access to your real calendar. Music? Nice for when you forgot your real music player.

Offcourse some people will be happy with the limited capabilities that their phone offers them. Just as some people are happy with a 10 dollar MP3 player they got from the bargain bin.

That is not Apples market. Apples market is what used to be the Walkman-Minidisc/CD-man market. They effectivly replaced sony for portable audio.

Oh and if you think your phone MP3 players is not going to have DRM your insane.

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Und nicht zu vergessen wären zudem die äussert Bösen Cellcos. Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass zukünftige Mobiltelefone keinen MP3-Support mehr mitbringen werden, um die Kunden an die Cellco-Formate zu binden:

Two minor nitpick points

1) Cell phone companies are 10 times worse than Apple or MSFT when it comes to vendor lock-in. if you buy a cingluar phone it will only play music from cingular. They are already doing such things with their vcast, and TV on the road setups.

2) Cell Phones have horrible battery life as it is. you start watching tv or listening to music during lunch you may not be able to make that important business call at 3pm.

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Obwohl ich mich explizit gegen ein Mobiltelefon mit eingebauter Kamera entschieden habe, bereue ich dies manchmal. Wieso? Gerade für Blog-Postings wären solche Snapshots manchmal eine sehr gute Illustration. Ich würde aber nie auf die Idee kommen, auf meinen Reisen Fotos mit einer Handy-Kamera zu schiessen.

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