Montag, 5. März 2007, 18:11 Uhr

They bring the war with them

Interessante Worte einer Gattin eines Irak-Veteranen:

Finally, the phone rang with the news that my husband was coming home, after nearly a year in Iraq. They didn’t tell me he’d bring the war with him.

He’d been back for almost two months, but he was still checking to see where his weapon was every time he got in a vehicle. He drove aggressively, talked aggressively, and sometimes I could swear that he was breathing aggressively. […]

At a conference on post-deployment care and services for soldiers and their families, a Marine Corps chaplain asked, „How do you know if you’re an SOB [Son of a bitch? Soldier’s Optimized Buttpack?]? Your wife will tell you!“

Quelle: 60,000 Marriages Broken by Iraq, Including Mine

Beruhigend, dass ich als Zivilschützer und Bewohner eines neutralen Landes wohl nie ähnliche Erfahrungen durchmachen muss, wie sie im Blog-Artikel beschrieben werden …

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