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Die Erfindung der Apfel-Taste (Juli 1982)

Ein schönes Stück Geschichte, diese Apfel-Taste, die mit LISA das erste Mal das Licht der IT-Welt erblickte:

You saw two keys that said Command on them. The new version has only one, and instead of saying Command it has a picture of an apple on it. The reason is that the key’s used as a shortcut to choose a menu command. If you look at a menu, on the right you’ll see this little apple symbol and a letter. If you hold down the Apple key and the letter, you get the command. We couldn’t find any way to symbolize the Command key that would fit nicely in a menu and be recognizable to people. We tried and tried. Finally we decided that the apple looked nice and had a nice sound to it —”Apple X,” “Apple R” — and it keeps Apple in the mind of the user instead of “control” or something else. It’s a symbol that everybody using this machine will recognize instantly, so we decided to put it on the key as well as on the screen.

Quelle: A behind-the-scenes look at the development of Apple’s Lisa (Feb, 1983)

Auch wenn Microsoft die Windows-Taste mit Windows 95 einführte – sie hat nie diejenige Popularität erreicht wie der angebissene Apfel … Wieso wohl?

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