Samstag, 8. Mai 2010, 3:23 Uhr

Die Energie-zu-Kapital-Alchemie stottert

Theoretically, oil production could continue to rise if there were enough investment. For example, one could theoretically ramp up oil sands production, plus oil shale production, and maybe even add some coal to liquid production. But to do something of this sort would require a huge amount of additional capital, and this in turn would require even more debt. Dennis Meadows of „Limits to Growth“ fame has said the limiting variable in our current predicament is capital. It looks to me as if we are at this point running up against this limit, certainly from the point of borrowing for capital. Real capital, created by net energy, has likely been declining for years.

Quelle: The Oil Drum | What connections are there between debt, oil prices, and personal income?

Genau davor habe ich momentan sehr, sehr grosse Angst.

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