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Wie Projektmanager Agile Entwicklung und Scrum zerstören

The very first Certified Scrum Master course was taught at the Object Mentor offices in Vernon Hills, Illinois. … Frankly, I thought the idea was a bit silly. I didn’t think thousands of people would be lining up to get their certifications. But I had not considered the lure of elitism. It didn’t occur to me that this special training course, coupled to the term Certified Scrum Master, would become a wedge to break the alignment between authority and responsibility.

Who was it who lined up to take the CSM courses? Was it Scrum team members who wanted to help their teams? Was it programmers and testers? Yes, there were certainly some CSMs who came from existing teams. But the vast majority of CSMs have a project management background. In essence they have added CSM to the PMBOK. They have become CSMs so that they have the authority to manage Scrum teams.

This was never the intent. The role of the coach was to act as a gentle reminder of process and discipline. The coach was never supposed to manage the project or the schedule! Indeed, these two roles were supposed to be adversarial!

Quelle: gist: 710960 – What Killed Waterfall Could Kill Agile.- GitHub

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