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Die norwegische Marine versenkt aus Unfähigkeit ihre eigenen Schiffe

[…] the modern 5,300-ton Norwegian frigate KNM Helge Ingstad sank in a Norwegian fjord after a collision with the large Maltese-registered oil tanker Sola TS. […] The watch on the Ingstad, which had just changed, thought that the deck lights of the tanker were part of the well-lit terminal. […] Repeated warnings to the Ingstad after it had been identified failed to get it to alter course until just seconds before the collision. The heavily laden tanker couldn’t manoeuvre out of the way.

First, for questionable operational security reasons, warships often don’t show AIS data, even though it’s a vital collision-avoidance mechanism that’s used extensively by the commercial shipping sector. Not using AIS may be acceptable on the open ocean, but it’s poor practice in busy shipping lanes.

After the US Navy accidents, the chief of naval operations instructed his ships to show AIS when they’re in heavy shipping traffic. This was apparently a message that had not got through to the Royal Norwegian Navy, although it’s been reported that an American naval exchange officer was onboard the Ingstad at the time of the collision.

Quelle: Norwegian frigate sinking has far-reaching implications

Hier noch eine Animation des Vorfalls mit aufgezeichnetem Funkverkehr.

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