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Der mysteriöse Ohio-Dialekt

The Anglo ethnos reached its zenith in the wake of World War II, during which many social groups were intermixed in the military and their more intelligent members were allowed to become educated and to advance socially by the GI Bill.

Fantastic potential was unleashed when privilege—the curse of the Anglo ethnos since its inception—was temporarily replaced with merit and the more talented demobilized men, of whatever extraction, were given a chance at education and social advancement by the GI Bill. Speaking a new sort of American English based on the Ohio dialect as a Lingua Franca, these Yanks—male, racist, sexist and chauvinistic and, at least in their own minds, victorious—were ready to remake the entire world in their own image.

Quelle: Dmitry Orlov in The Five Stages of Collapse, 2019 Update

Was zum Teufel ist der „Ohio Dialect“? Leider finden sich mit Google nicht viele Hinweise darauf. Meint Orlov das Midland American English? Meint er den Cleveland Dialect? Bezeichnen beide ein- und dasselbe?

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