Dienstag, 6. Mai 2008

Hillary spinnt und will OPEC verklagen

Runde 999 im USA-Bashing:

[…] the great part of Hillary’s proposal. She’s going to change the law so Americans can sue OPEC! Here changes would, „Allow OPEC Production Decisions to Be Challenged Under U.S. Anti-Trust Law – Currently, OPEC countries cannot be challenged under U.S. anti-trust laws, even when they are engaged in coordinated, commercial activity to control the global oil market.“

Quelle: Hillary ‘Big Govt.’ Clinton Wants America to Sue OPEC

Meine Meinung deckt sich mit derjenigen von Dan Denning:

[…] OPEC nations have to manage their resource-and not for the benefit of American consumers, but for themselves.

Es hat die USA niemand gezwungen, gedankenlos Suburbia in das grüne Feld zu bauen (Fahrzeit zum Job: 1-2 Stunden) und jedermann SUVs kaufen zu lassen.

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