Montag, 7. Juli 2008, 16:32 Uhr

Dollars loswerden

One consequence is that other nations sitting on our exported dollars (from our massive trade deficit) have apparently decided to spend off those dollars rather than wait for the fullblown financial collapse of the nation issuing them. My guess is that they are spending those dollars on oil, the primary resource of industrial economies, and that they are prepared to outbid other contestants (including the USA) no matter what — because they know the dollar is losing value, and that those losses are apt to accelerate over time, and what else would they spend them on?

Quelle: Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler : Where We’re At

Naja, ob diese Länder gleich Erdöl hamstern? Aber ich fände es auf jeden Fall nachvollziehbar, wenn man eine zukünftige WC-Papier-Währung so schnell wie möglich in „hard assets“ umwandelt.

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