Montag, 29. November 2010, 17:25 Uhr

Wie Apple die Business-Modelle der Mobilfunkanbietern zerstörte

I argue that the real disruption of mobile computing (i.e. iPhone) is made possible not by the smartphone technologies but by mobile broadband. Once broadband became mobile with 3G the smartphone could shift its focus (jobs it’s hired to do) from voice to data. That shift is disruptive to incumbents because they built their businesses around operator distribution and operator service economics. With apps, mobile computing brings with it services which allow all communications to be independent of operators. Selling ringtones, maps, email and video-on-demand are all dead business plans today. But operators clung on to these hopes for many years and forced vendors to comply to this strategy.

Quelle: The iPhone is not superfluous, not easily copied, not revolutionary and not a premium product | asymco

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