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Je mehr Meetings, desto unproduktiver

Leider wahr. Je höher man in der Hierarchie eines Unternehmens steigt, umso voller sind die Kalender der hohen Tiere.

I’ve found that the number of meetings on your calendar is directly, inversely proportional to your productivity on any given day. That obviously isn’t to say that all meetings are bad or a waste of time, but most work cultures do tend to have a bias towards them that isn’t very conducive to peak team productivity. Teams hold more meetings when they don’t have enough important work to do otherwise.

Quelle: Don’t work “remotely”

Und das kennen wir doch auch alle:

The most popular criticism of this style of working is that it supposedly doesn’t work for “deep” collaboration. Maybe it’s fine for coordinating tasks, critics say, but it can never replace grabbing a few of your colleagues for an in-person whiteboard brainstorming session. (Whenever I hear this criticism, my first sympathies are for the critic’s colleagues, who apparently live in constant fear of being “grabbed” and their work derailed by their coworker’s sudden need to brainstorm.)

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