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Fussgängerzonen dank Corona … in Palo Alto!

Heuer wird seit 2010 vermutlich das erste Jahr sein, in welchem ich den Fuss nicht in die Bay Area im Spezifischen und die USA im Generellen setzen werde.

Dabei gäbe es für den Schweizer und Europäer wundervolle Neuigkeiten: Im sonst so vom Privatverkehr dominierten Palo Alto gibt es nun eine Fussgängerzone. Mitten in der Stadt. Entlang der früheren Hauptverkehrsachse!

One pleasant consequence of the safety precautions we must take against the Covid-19 virus is the invasion of several Palo Alto streets by eateries that want to survive the pandemic.

Once upon a time, there were no tables on the sidewalks, to say nothing of spreading into the streets. Palo Alto’s city leaders saw the locomotive coming from the other end of the tunnel, on a collision course with the city’s small business community — and tax receipts. So, it closed big segments of two arteries. Portions of University Avenue, California Avenue, and some side streets are now closed to traffic, dedicated to pedestrians and eating establishment terrasses, sometimes called parklets.

So, now, Palo Alto offers pleasant pedestrian plazas and a nascent café culture unfolding on liberated street space. I have civic-minded friends who have long petitioned the Palo Alto City Council to shut down University Avenue to traffic and create a pedestrian mall. Ironically, it took a pandemic to realize the desire.

Quelle: Palo Alto: Café Culture Takes Over. Finally.

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