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Die Deutschen haben nicht alles falsch gemacht …

… sagt Jérôme à Paris:

How messed up was Germany’s energy policy? It’s not as bad as a lot of people are saying

Was mir von der Lektüre geblieben ist: Dank dem massiven Ausbau von Solar haben die Deutschen der ganzen Welt geholfen, die Preise für Solarpanels spürbar zu senken.

The ca. 25 GW of solar installed in 2009-12, generating roughly 25 TWh per year, cost something in the order of EUR 10 bn per annum (for 20 years), amounting to more than half of the current renewable surcharge on an ongoing basis. That cost, along with slightly smaller costs borne by Italians and French ratepayers for parallel installation booms, is what made the rapid drop in the cost of solar panels in that period possible – something that benefits the whole planet. German (and Italian and French) ratepayers are subsidizing cheap solar around the world.

Und noch das hier:

Energy is a commodity with very limited demand elasticity in the short term, and thus it takes very large price hikes to re-balance markets, especially when you have a negative supply shock. This should be obvious from the multiple crises we have gone through over the past 50 years, but politicians still push the gospel of “the markets” for energy while being unable to tolerate the price hikes they necessarily (occasionally) entail, and then imposing market distorting measures (price caps, etc) and looking for scapegoats rather than explain their ideological decisions…

Wenn ich diesen Paragraphen richtig verstehe führen uns die exorbitanten Gas- und Strompreise direkt ins Paradies. Hoffentlich aber ist noch was von Europa übrig, wenn wir dort ankommen.

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