Sonntag, 4. Februar 2007, 22:53 Uhr

Liberal? Die Probleme

Wisdump über Digg und die kürzlich erfolgte Abkehr von der Liste der „Top Users“:

These things are possible because you created an open system with the only rule being that you need X amount of Diggs to make the homepage. Your community thrived on this openness, yet in a society with no rules, chaos is bound to ensue sooner or later. […]

People are getting paid to push stories onto the frontpage and in a free market society that was never expected, right? People were expected to act rationally and just have fun pushing the best of the best through to the top. People would act civilized and leave insightful comments that made you think. You would have Slashdot quality news without the need for editors. The Wisdom of Crowds would kick in…

Quelle: Okay, so you’re the CEO of Digg

Fazit: Es braucht einen angemessen starken Staat, um solche Auswüche im realen Leben oder in virtuellen Communities zum Guten zu lenken.

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