Sonntag, 18. Mai 2008, 15:58 Uhr

Unerwartete Steuereinnahmen

Auch Kalifornien scheint Mühe zu haben, mit unerwartet hohen Steuereinnahmen umzugehen. Gouverneur Schwarzenegger schlägt in einem Interview die Schaffung eines „rainy-day fund“ vor, um die Fluktuationen zwischen einzelnen Steuerjahren auszugleichen:

It’s only because, as I said, when there’s a spike in revenues … they grab off that money and spend it and commit it to ongoing programs…. And then everyone expects that this will now continue, but in fact it doesn’t because, as Davis experienced, the next year it was down and the revenues were flat. […]

What we want to do, kind of, is eliminate that problem and say … any revenues that come in that’s beyond 5% goes into a rainy-day fund, and keep it there. And when the revenues are down like right now … we can use this rainy-day fund to supplement the shortfall and soften the blow, not that you can solve the problem, but soften the blow….

Quelle: Schwarzenegger on taxes, immigration and more

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