Freitag, 8. August 2008, 0:54 Uhr

Die wahren Helden bei Apple

Steve Jobs? Jonathin Ive? Falsch. Merkt euch den Namen Edy Cue:

Eddy’s name isn’t familiar to most apple people, but he’s in his way as important to apple’s success as Jonathan Ives. His specialty: the back-end infrastructures that make Apple’s online universe tick. His groups did the Apple online store, iTools (later .Mac), iTunes store, etc, etc. It’s the not-sexy part of the company, but it’s the guts that make all of the sexy front ends actually work.

Quelle: Chuqui 3.0: MobileMe Problems Show Apple Needs an Infrastructure Lesson

Eddys Männer gehen dorthin, wo’s weh tut!

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