Mittwoch, 29. April 2009, 23:54 Uhr

Office 2010 – eine Totgeburt?

I think this stems from a corporate culture that is unable to say no to anything. Office has a bazillion features, and no doubt is being marketing-driven to add a few thousand more to justify the upgrade to 2010. Everyone has a particular way that they use Office, and they are literally trying to accommodate every possible layout or customization that anyone has ever wanted in the history of time. They are terrified that someone is going to stop using Office (as if they had a choice) because they couldn’t position their three delete buttons just so. It’s madness.

Quelle: – Office 2010 preview

Auf was er sich bezieht? Nun, man schaue selbst und staune: Office 2010 Screenshots Preview What’s to Come. Fürchterlich.

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