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Fliegen, navigieren und kommunizieren

Ein äusserst spannender Tatsachenbericht, der die Vorfälle im Cockpit des Qantas Airbus A380 beschreibt, welcher ein Triebwerk vollständig und zwei Triebwerke teilweise verlor …

in our case, we had, as an example, messages that would say ‘aircraft CoG out of limits’ and was asking us to move fuel from horizontal stabiliser forward to bring it within limits and the next message would say the ‘THS transfer not available’. So one message contradicting another – that sort of thing, I’m sure would go back and be looked at. But at the end of the day common sense and airmanship takes over. We didn’t blindly follow the ECAMs. We looked at each one individually, analysed it, and either rejected it or actioned it as we thought we should. From a training point of view it doesn’t matter what aeroplane you are flying airmanship has to take over. In fact, Airbus has some golden rules which we all adhered to on the day – aviate, navigate and communicate – in that order.

Quelle: EXCLUSIVE – Qantas QF32 flight from the cockpit | Aerospace Insight | The Royal Aeronautical Society

… und ein gutes Beispiel dafür, dass man am Besten mit Qualitätsairlines fliegen sollte, die die Sicherheit ihrer Passagiere und Maschinen (noch) über die Kosten stellen.

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