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Wovor die Superreichen so richtig Schiss haben

Der Autor und Dozent Douglas Rushkoff wird von fünf Superreichen Hedge Funds-Besitzern eingeladen, um sie zu „beraten“, wie sie die unausweichbar nahende Apokalypse überleben.

Bunker haben sie schon gebaut, interessieren sich aber dennoch dafür, in welcher Weltregion man den Klimawandel überlebt. Und wie sie ihre Sicherheitskräfte loyal halten, sobald Geld wertlos geworden ist:

[…] they were preparing for a digital future that had a whole lot less to do with making the world a better place than […] insulating themselves from a very real and present danger of climate change, rising sea levels, mass migrations, global pandemics, nativist panic, and resource depletion. For them, the future of technology is really about just one thing: escape.

[…] For all their wealth and power, they don’t believe they can affect the future. They are simply accepting the darkest of all scenarios and then bringing whatever money and technology they can employ to insulate themselves

[…] The more committed we are to this view of the world, the more we come to see human beings as the problem and technology as the solution. The very essence of what it means to be human is treated less as a feature than bug.

Quelle: Survival of the Richest

Dabei läge — aus Sicht Rushkoffs — die Lösung auf der Hand:

When the hedge funders asked me the best way to maintain authority over their security forces after “the event,” I suggested that their best bet would be to treat those people really well, right now. They should be engaging with their security staffs as if they were members of their own family. And the more they can expand this ethos of inclusivity to the rest of their business practices, supply chain management, sustainability efforts, and wealth distribution, the less chance there will be of an “event” in the first place. All this technological wizardry could be applied toward less romantic but entirely more collective interests right now.

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