Sonntag, 2. Juli 2006

Unter Freunden …

… zerbombt man einander auch ‚mal ein Kraftwerk:

A Western aid official involved in the matter said Israel’s decision to hit the power plant was a surprise in large part „because it was American-owned.“

The Israeli army, in a statement, defended the attack, saying the power plant was targeted „in order to disrupt the activities of the terror infrastructure involved directly and indirectly in the abduction of Corporal Shalit.“

Quelle: Israeli strike on Gaza power plant will cost US

Auf Digg gab es einige pointierte Kommentare:

So to make it more difficult for the terrorists to move around a kidnapped soldier, Israel’s first move was…to kill all the electric lights?

Does this whole offensive really have anything to do with the kidnapping at all?
Yeah, I guess they’d never hide in the dark.

Quelle: Israeli strike on Gaza power plant will cost US taxpayers $48,000,000

Naja, man hat ja auch Brücken weggebombt, damit die Kidnapper nicht fliehen können. Wer sagt denn, dass die den Soldaten mit dem Auto umherfahren?

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