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Unbesiegbare Ideologien

Endlich eine Analyse, die aus dem Mainstream ausbricht. Bravo!

Another problem is this: Military force is useless against an idea, even when that idea is an “ideology of oppression, violence, and hate.”

All that military force can do against an ideology is to capture and kill everyone who subscribes to that ideology. And even that can never be successful, as many people will hold the ideology without ever making it apparent to military forces. […]

Der „War on Terror“ wird genau aus diesem Grund zum „unendlichen Krieg gegen den Terror“ – sozusagen eine „self-fulfilling prophecy“.

Today, however, the perception of intimate U.S. support of tyrannies in the Muslim World [Pakistan, Saudi Arabien, Ägypten etc.] is perhaps the critical vulnerability in American strategy. It strongly undercuts our message, while strongly promoting that of the enemy

Schön, dass dies auch wieder einmal jemand erwähnt. Im ganzen Irak-Schlamassel scheint unterzugehen, dass es deutlich „lohnendere“ Ziele gegeben hätte, wo die Einführung der (Schein-)Demokratie nötiger gewesen wäre …

Ultimately, the war on terrorism boils down to a war of ideologies. Which ideology should come out victorious, the Islamic terrorist caliphate of barbaric Sharia law, or the American hegemonic democracy of mob rule, so long as the mob is friendly to the bureaucrats in charge here this year?

The U.S. is not bringing freedom from oppression to the Middle East, and does not seem to want to do so, and that is why this is a long war. Rather, it wants to bring U.S.-friendly “democracy.”

Und so weiter und so fort. Erstaunlich, was die Person schlussendlich fordert:

To win the war on terror, we as a country must return to our libertarian roots.

  • First, maintain a strictly neutral foreign policy, entangling ourselves in the internal affairs of no other country. […]
  • Second, the U.S. must clean house domestically. Over the past century, the government has grown dramatically in size and scope, […]
  • We must also turn back the encroaching fascist police state, which in the name of “protecting” us has instead stripped us of many of our rights […]

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