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[…] I’m talking about two main problems. One is the plethora of teaser software and advertisements for products that must be cleared and uninstalled to make way for your own stuff. The second is the confusing welter of security programs you have to master and update, even on a virgin machine.

The problem is a lack of respect for the consumer. The manufacturers don’t act as if the computer belongs to you. They act as if it is a billboard for restricted trial versions of software and ads for Web sites and services that they can sell to third-party companies who want you to buy these products.

On my new Sony, there were two dozen trial programs and free offers. The desktop alone contained four icons representing come-ons for various America Online services, and two for Microsoft. The start menu and program menu had more items that I neither chose nor wanted.

Quelle: Using Even New PCs
Is Ruined by a Tangle Of Trial Programs, Ads

Startet man seinen Mac zum ersten Mal auf, erscheint auf dem Desktop gerade mal ein einziges Icon – die „Macintosh HD“. Im Dock tummelt sich ausschliesslich ausgewählte Software von Apple – mit einer einzigen Mausbewegung kann jedes Icon einzeln gelöscht werden. Pop-Ups? Nix da.

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