Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2008, 23:13 Uhr

Wahlmanipulation in den … USA?!

Greg Palast in einem einstündigen Video, in dem er aufzeigt, wie man in den USA Wahlen manipuliert (anhand der amerikanischen Präsidentschaftswahlen von 2004):

[21:30] The Rumor going arround was on Washington Journal that I was arrested … that I was grabbed actually … I was not. Matt and I was not arrested. [Pause] They couldn’t find us! [Smiling] I’m on television! … These guys are looking for Osama, right? … Eh, think about it! I was really worried that I wasn’t gonna be able to get on an airplane. To come home. … Then I was even more worried when I got on the airplane.

Quelle: Greg Palast and RFK in NYC- MayDay 2007

Auch ganz toll:

[08:30] As Yogi Berra said: „It’s amazing what you see when you look!“

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