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Rentiert das Internet?

The web prophets invariably ignore the sheer hopelessness of today’s internet for sustaining creative business. This is a deep structural problem: because everyone can get hold of anything in this anarchy, there’s none of the scarcity provided by a limited choice of TV channels or movie theatres – and scarcity creates economic incentives for both distributors and creators. Yet for the utopians, some business „model“ will pop up and in act of deus ex machina, save the day. […]

And from here Carr joins the dots, pointing out that when making money is hard, market consolidation results, with power ending up in far fewer hands than it did before. That’s a real heresy that the childlike minds of the web evangelists simply can’t handle. They’re really only in it to take part in a simulation of a revolution.

Quelle: Nick Carr’s Big Switch

Guter Punkt – nur mit Page-Views und Werbeeinblendungen allein lässt sich – abgesehen von Google – kaum ein grosses Geschäft machen. Solange das so generierte Einkommen für ein sorgloses Leben reicht …

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