Freitag, 25. Januar 2008, 16:56 Uhr

Staatliche Bankrettung

[…] Northern Rock will raise the money to repay its debt by issuing some £30 billion in asset-backed bonds, which the government will underwrite. So, in this not-very-opaque shell-game, the taxpayer will guarantee repayment of the money Northern Rock borrows to repay the taxpayer. […] But the position will be gallingly asymmetrical: the bank’s owners will pocket most of the profits, if any ensue; and taxpayers will foot most of the losses, if a lot of those materialise instead.

Quelle: The Economist, 26. Januar 2007, „Hocking the Rock“ S. 10.

Nett. Da sieht man mal wieder, für was man eigentlich Steuern bezahlt.

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