Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008, 0:43 Uhr

In Japan gibt es bald eine Upload-Limite

Bandwidth caps are coming to Japan, but not in the way to which North Americans are accustomed. OCN, operated by NTT Communications, has decided to impose a daily upload limit beginning on August 1. The limit? 30GB per day. Upstream.

Quelle: Japanese telco institutes upload caps… of 30GB… daily

Hmmm. Das muss wehtun … Damit sind ja immer noch 1.25GB Upload pro Stunde/20MB pro Minute möglich – für mich als Schweizer ISP-Kunde wären das paradiesische Zustände.

For example, Time Warner recently announced that it would begin capping customers‘ downloads in Beaumont, Texas at 40GB per month for $55. Users will be billed $1 for each additional gigabyte downloaded.

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