Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009, 1:03 Uhr

Microsoft, Sidekick, Danger — Disaster

„By the time Danger engineering became available to work on Pink a year later, innumerable bad decisions had already been made by clueless idiots. […] „no one really grasps how dysfunctional Microsoft has become. Yes Microsoft did spend half a billion dollars for, as near as anyone can tell, absolutely nothing.“

However, while Microsoft has plenty of examples of poor management, it also has no shortage of qualified engineers and information technology professionals, none of whom would plausibly begin upgrade work on a production data center without an exit strategy and backups in place.

Quelle: AppleInsider | Microsoft’s Sidekick/Pink problems blamed on dogfooding and sabotage

Microsoft, wie es kräucht und fläucht …

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