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Die BP-Hypokrisie

In a fight between a group of zombies and a real producer, their sympathies should be with the oil man. After all, when they drive into the filling station, it’s not the Congressional Record that they pump into their fuel tanks. And when they heat their homes, it’s not tort lawyers whom they look to for fuel. Gasoline is valuable. They know it. And they know that someone has to get it. In fact, so keen is their demand for octane, and so high is the price, that the producers are lured farther and farther away from dry land. No one would drill a mile below the water for oil unless a lot of people wanted it badly. Sooner or later, one of the rigs was bound to spring a big leak.

Quelle: The Zombies and the Oil Man

Passt doch perfekt zum Comic in der neuesten Ausgabe des Economists:

Quelle: The Economist, „KAL’s Carton“, 17. Juni 2010


Obama: „Sam! You’re addicted to oil! But it’s not too late … I can help you …“

Sam: „But we cannot waste any time …“

Obama: „We must embrace alternative sources of Energy!! You can be saved if we act now!!“

Sam: „Yeah!“

Obama: „Come on, sam!! Follow me!!

Sam: „Great!! I’ll get the car!“

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